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An Introvert’s Guide to Finding Friends in a New City

An Introvert’s Guide to Finding Friends in a New City

We all need a girl squad, the women we turn to for sharing laughter, tears, support, comfort, and advice-even chapstick. The ones who are by our side during tough times, long chats, nights out (or in), life transitions, relationship ups and downs, and whatever else life throws at us. But what happens if you move away, leaving behind your ride-or-die girls?

It can be intimidating to make new friends, especially if you’re on the quiet side like me. I’ve moved to three cities in the last two years, each very different: first, from Boston to Washington, D.C., then, from D.C. to Los Angeles. These moves have taught me what does (and does not) work when trying to meet people as an introvert. I learned the hard way; so here are the tactics that worked for me to help you find your own girl tribe-whatever age or state of life you’re in.

Ask around for introductions.

Don’t be shy about asking your friends, family, coworkers, and other connections if they can introduce you to someone they know in your new city. It helps to do this ahead of time so you can get the social momentum going before you move. More often than not, people are eager to help the new girl find her way-who wouldn’t want another friend? You’re also pretty likely to hit it off with a friend of a friend versus a total stranger.

Do one social thing every week.

Stretch yourself to socialize once a week. It doesn’t have to be a loud happy hour, it could just be an afternoon coffee break during work or a playground date with each other’s kids.